Green Computing–New Perspective of Efficient Usage of Energy and Reduction of E-Waste

  • Gaurav Sengupta Siam Technology College


The pressure of computing has been based on quicker analysis, calculations and solving of more complex problems at a higher speed. However, presently there is a huge demand of reducing e-waste and usage of non-toxic materials in making e-equipment (Sivaharan, Blair & Coulson, 2005). Globally, leaders are adopting many principles toward this aspect. Now it is the time for the end user community to follow some rules of thumb to achieve partly the benefit of “Green Computing.”  Essentially, green computing is all about the efficient use of computers and computing. This ruminates responsibility toward the society, environmental impact and economic liveliness. As for scientists, they are carrying various studies to decrease the negative impact of usage of computer technology affecting our resources of the nature and creating environmental hazards. The aim of this paper  is to examine manufacturing of computers with non-hazardous particles so as to make computers from the start to completion, into green products.

Technology and Innovation