Dedicated System in Pick-up Truck

  • PORNWIPHA SINGPORN 46 etc 10600
  • Nuntachai loharojwichean
Keywords: Dedicated engine, modified diesel engines, LPG, pick-up truck


This research aimed to study the application of LPG dedicated system which used  the process of creating a modified diesel engine combustion chamber with LPG (Liquefied?? Liquid Petroleum Gas) as fuel. The system modified the operation of the diesel injectors with LPG. Then, the researchers designed and installed a diesel engine into the frame and chassis of a pick-up truck with LPG fitted cylinders. Then the researchers identified performance of the system by testing (1) compression of the engine, (2) engine emissions, (3) the rate of fuel consumption, and (4) the engine speed. Exhaust gas of diesel gasoline and LPG was measured at an engine speed of 4,000 Rpm. Diesel pollution was measured:  HC = 239 ppm and CO = 3.41%, in contrast with the pollution load measurement of LPG: HC = 147 ppm and CO = 0.9%. The results on the cooling water temperature on LPG was higher than that of diesel gasoline. When gasoline and LPG were used as fuel, their coolant temperature solution was comparatively high. It was also found that the temperature of exhaust gas in LPG temperature sensor was higher than that of diesel. As for the cost, LPG  cost less than the diesel gasoline.


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