Development of Experimental Set for Pneumatic Control Basics by Using Microcontroller

  • PORNWIPHA SINGPORN 46 etc 10600
  • Jirawat Garluna
Keywords: Pneumatic Control, Microcontroller, performance of experimental set



         This paper presents the development of an experimental set for pneumatic control basics by using a microcontroller, and compares learners’ performances on the pre- and post-tests. The experimental set was used to teach the course on fluid power technology in the field of Automotive Technology at Siam Technology College in 2017. The experimental set comprised a testing tool, instruction manuals, a quality evaluation form of the experimental set used by experts, an achievement test, and an evaluation sheet for index of item-objective congruence (IOC). The subjects were fifteen second-year students of the Automotive Technology Program in the second semester. 

The test results showed that the average score during the course was 86.80% and after course completion at 83.33%, which were greater than the criterion at 80/80. The t-test result showed that the learners attained better achievement which was statistically significant at the .01 level.


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