Development and Finding Performance of Experimental Set for Automatic Car Washing Systems

  • PORNWIPHA SINGPORN 46 etc 10600
  • Jirawat Garluna
  • Udomsak Chotimongkol
  • Ananchai Tiangda
Keywords: Automatic Car Washing Systems, Measurement of testing set performance, The T- Test


This paper was presented the development and finding performance of experimental set for Automatic Car Washing Systems, and comparatively of achievement the mean of the pre-test and the post-test which used for teaching the fluid power technology in the field of Automotive Technology 2011-year program, at Siam Technology College. The experimental  set  comprised of the testing tool, instruction manuals, and evaluation sheet by specialist suggestion, achievement test, and evaluation sheet index of item objective congruence. The sample sizes were 15-person of the fourth year under graduated students of Automotive Technology Program in the second semester of 2016-academic year. The testing result showed that the percentile of an average score was 83.21, during the course and 81.50 after completed course which was higher than the criteria set at 80/80. The T-Test result showed that the learners, also had gained better achievement with the significant difference at 0.01 level.


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